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Май 21 2012

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Our activities

 Opening of “Energy Café” in Nisur 

“The Energy Café” was opened in remote mountainous Nisur village

Clean energy for local communities     

Energy-efficient stoves, solar cookers and solar lanterns will improve the life...

Round Table on Clean Energy and Women on the Roof of the World

On 13 October 2016 the round table devoted to preliminary outcomes of the project

Women and Energy poverty: personal stories

 I am 54 years old and I live in Roshorv village in Bartang Valley.

Hand-made Dryers and Water Heaters

Workshops for women on renewable energy sources use were conducted 

Clean energy for Pamir’s women

Last month “Little Earth” started the implementation of a new pilot project that aims to contribute to sustainable use of nature resources and improve...

Why people in Bartang say «Tusen takk!» Clean energy for Pamir’s women

Thanks to the funds collected by the Norwegian girl - Helga Lerkelund, nine families...

Solar cookers for affected families 

Thanks to the funds collected by the Norwegian girl, nine families affected by the earthquake in Bartang...   

Workshop on environmental education in Russian-Tajik Slavonic University   

Workshop titled "Environmental Education in Tajikistan" took place on March 31 at RTSU 

The documentary "Bartang – the Valley of hopes"

The environmental organization "Little Earth" with the support of the Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation has produced a small documentary.

New solar panels for remote Tajik schools

In 2015, environmental organization Little Earth installed two more solar photovoltaic systems in schools in the Bartang valley   

Workshop on solar water heaters

A three-day’s workshop on the construction of the summer variant of a solar water heater for local communities was held in the Nisur village

How Can Solar Energy Make Life in Tajikistan's Mountains More Sustainable?

Renewable energy currently provides the main hope that the world can avoid the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

Solar bread in Tajik mountains

In October last year, the family of 55-years-old Charog Yaftaliev who lives in remote mountain village Nisur of Rushan district of GBAO

Environmental education for school teachers 

First Environmental Education Seminar for school teachers took place on 28 October 2015 in Dushanbe.

New seminars for teachers on eco-education

Second environmental education seminar took place on November 19, 2015 in Center for additional education of Somoni distrit of Dushanbe city.

Our publications

Report on energy efficiency and quality of indoor microclimate in Tajikistan schools

15-20 February 2012 in the framework of international educational project SPARE an investigation of lighting system and indoor air quality was held in a number of educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Report_Tadjikistan_Eng final.pdf  


Sustainable Energy Projects in Tajikistan

The problem of energy sources for heating, cooking and lighting for the population of the remote mountainous villages in Tajikistan has become most acute since independence.

LE-practical projects-2012-2014_eng.pdf  



Solar cookers in Bartang valley

In October this year, representatives of "Little Earth" visited several villages of the Bartang valley where the organization carries out its activities on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.