“Little Earth” continues involving women in addressing energy problems faced by local communities

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Нояб 07 2017

On 4 to 6 October, 2017, staff of the environmental organization “Little Earth” held a series of events under the project "Clean Energy - Sustainable Communities" supported by the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program.

On October 4, 2017, “Little Earth” in cooperation with the local NGO “Oyandasoz” organized an exhibition of energy efficient equipment and devices powered by the solar energy. The exhibition took place in Barchidiv village of the Bartang valley.

Not only the project target group (10 women from Barchidiv and 10 women from Yapshorv), but also all interested local residents were welcome to attend the exhibition.The event featured models of buildings with thermal insulation, energy saving lamps, solar photo panels, solar lanterns, energy efficient stoves, solar parabolic-reflector cookers, as well as energy saving products (energy efficient wooden sealed double glazed windows and doors, low-energy stoves, hydraulic rams or hydrams) manufactured by the consumer cooperative “Zindagi” in Khorog.

Information stands highlighted useful details about sustainable energy and available technologies. The exhibition guests received a variety of thematic publications on energy saving and renewable energy sources. A number of visitors were keenly interested in technologies and equipment displayed and some of them even expressed their wish to buy some of those devices.

On October 5-6, 2017, “Little Earth” staff conducted a two-day training for 20 women participating in the project aimed at capacity building in the area of sustainable energy and environment. In the course of the event, the trainers and participants attempted to identify the key energy and environment related problems faced by target villages and ways to address them. A particular emphasis was laid on increasing women's role and their involvement in decision making pertaining to the development of their villages.

During the training, the participating women estimated the time and resources they spent daily to collect fuel, cook meals and heat their houses. The participants shared their views as to how they could save their resources, thus reducing pressure on scanty vegetation growing in the valley. The event was attended by two women from Roshorv village (Zulfia Maskaeva and Gulisanjid Bekova) who had taken part in a similar project implemented by “Little Earth” in 2016. The two guests told the participants how the acquired knowledge and resource saving equipment had changed their lives for the better.

It should be noted that the women from the target group are expected to take part in a practical workshop on construction of solar dryers to be organized later on. Upon completion of the project, each of them will receive a set of energy efficient equipment including a solar lantern, solar cooker and a low-energy stove for cooking. An active use of those devices will help the women and their family members to improve their living conditions, save money and ease pressure on natural resources.

Timur Idrisov
Environmental organization “Little Earth”