Women constructing solar water heaters in Bopasor

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Авг 30 2018

On August 10-12, 2018, a three-day practical workshop on construction of solar water heaters was held in Bopasor village (Bartang valley, Tajikistan). The workshop was attended by 15 women from the local community representing the target group of the project "Clean Energy and Women on the Roof of the World". The event was organized by the environmental organization The Little Earth in cooperation with its local partner, NGO Oyandasoz and with support from the US Forestry Service.

During the first half of the workshop, the participants received theoretical knowledge about the main principles of operation and advantages of solar water heaters, learned about different types and designs of such devices and got acquainted with examples of their use. Later on, prior to proceeding to the hands-on part of the workshops, the women were explained the basic safety rules. During the second part of the workshop, the participants built and tested three solar collectors (under the supervision of R.Mamadamonov, a local artisan).

Mr.Madamonov who acted as the workshop facilitator is an expert in construction of energy efficient devices. He lives in the neighboring village of Barchadiv and has been repeatedly engaged by the Little Earth to take part in their events as a trainer.

“By making use of resources and experience available in local communities, our organization provides support and facilitates development of the local capacity. It is essential that in addition to the introduction of new technologies and practices we transfer the required knowledge so that local residents can continue using and elaborating alternative solutions that suit them best" - says Timur Idrisov, senior advisor, The Little Earth.

It should be noted that none of the trainees had participated in similar events before. Such events help the women to receive new knowledge and skills in addition to nurturing the culture of cooperation at the village level. Working in a single team brings the women together and encourages them to achieve better results through joint efforts.

"We often have to cope without our husbands who travel to Russia seeking employment. After the workshop, we feel more confident because we managed, all by ourselves, to construct devices that will prove useful in our households. It turned out that it is not all that hard to operate the tools especially when you are working together" - says Zaituna Jamilova, one of the project participants.

Natalia Idrisova, Anton Timoshenko
Environmental Organization 'The Little Earth'