More 30 solar cookers for Roshorv village

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Сен 07 2019

Thanks to a joint initiative of the environmental organization "Little Earth" and the German NGO "SunHelp" at the end of August this year, the 30 most vulnerable families of the high-mountain Roshorov village (Rushan district, Tajikistan) received solar parabolic cookers.

For local people, living in Roshorv village, this is a great deal. The village is located at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters above sea level. About 990 people live there. Many of them live below the poverty line and are mostly involved in subsistence farming. Due to a lack of electricity, all the trees and shrubs in the village surroundings are almost completely disappeared - residents use them as fuel for cooking and heating. Due to these reasons, locals have to spend hours and collect firewood at a distance of 10 km or more from the village or buy them in neighboring villages.

The solar parabolic cookers, that were distributed among Roshorv residents, are simple and reliable devices. They will help community significantly reduce firewood consumption during cooking in sunny days. The use of such devices will help families to improve sanitary conditions (they are smokeless) and ease the daily work of collecting firewood while cooking on traditional stoves.

The recipients of solar cookers were identified by the fellow villagers themselves during the general meeting. The list included low-income, large families or families without breadwinners.

“I saw such solar cookers at my neighbors. They actively use this device and praise it. For a long time, I wanted to get such device to go less often for firewood. During the warm season, a solar cooker allows you to save a lot of firewood. For my family, such thing is extremely necessary”, says Watansho Mirzoyev, one of the recipients of solar cooker.

“On average, using a solar cooker can save 1 to 2 tons of firewood per year. In Roshorv, where there is almost no vegetation left and where locals use a rare shrub that they collect, solar cookers can make a positive contribution to the conservation of vegetation, and therefore to the prevention of soil erosion. Thanks to these devices, families will be able to save fuel, money and time”, says Anton Timoshenko, executive director of the “Little Earth”.