Director of the Little Earth - winner of the Dmitry Tereshkevich Award

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Июнь 20 2020

Anton Timoshenko, Executive Director of the environmental organization "Little Earth" became the winner of the Dmitry Tereshkevich Youth Central Asian Environmental Award following the results of the 2020 contest. The international jury recognized the importance of his contribution to environmental protection.

“This is not my personal reward - it is a recognition of the results of the work of our entire Little Earth team. Our organization is one of the pioneers in the development of energy saving and renewable energy initiatives in the country. Over the years, dozens of organizations have taken advantage not only of our publications, consultations and help, but also of ideas, implementing similar projects and programs in other parts of the country and adopting distributed equipment and approaches,” - says Anton Timoshenko.

The official award ceremony will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan in the fall of 2020.

“Participating in the projects and initiatives of the organization, Anton spends a lot of time in local communities and works directly with people on the ground. It makes a significant contribution to the overall performance of Little Earth, contributing to community development and environmental sustainability. Sustainable energy solutions and resource-saving practices that the organization implements in mountain communities significantly reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions of harmful substances, improve comfort, increase safety and save the family budget. This is a well-deserved award,” - said Timur Idrisov, senior adviser to Little Earth.

The award was established jointly by the Ecoforum of NGOs of Kazakhstan and the Human Health Institute in 2017 in honor of the well-known in Kazakhstan and Central Asia environmental activist Dmitry Tereshkevich. The main goal of the award is to support young people in Central Asia who have dedicated their activities to environmental protection and promoting sustainable development.