Women and Energy poverty: personal stories

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Mrs. Oshurbika Malabekova, 54 years old, Roshorv village

I am 54 years old and I live in Roshorv village in Bartang Valley. My family consists of 6 people. In our house we always face problems with the lightening and heating. Cooking of meal and boiling of water also need fuel, but firewood here is a big deficit. They are expensive to buy. In winter time 400 Tajik Somoni is required to bring a vehicle with firewood from forestry, plus 500 Tajik Somoni for petroleum and 300 Somoni more for the driver’s service. But we need also to buy meat and forage for livestock. And we spend a little to buy the cloth.


Clean energy for Pamir’s women

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Last month “Little Earth” started the implementation of a new pilot project that aims to contribute to sustainable use of nature resources and improve quality of life of two local communities (Savnob and Roshorv villages) in Bartnag valley of the Pamir region.