Adaptation futures 2018

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Янв 12 2018

8 DECEMBER 2017 – 15 JANUARY 2018
Adaptation Futures 2018 is now open for abstracts. We invite you to submit an abstract based in either research, policy or practice that supports the conference aim of Dialogues for Solutions. You can submit your abstract to a General Session or a Special Session.

General Sessions

A general session will be formed by the SteerCom from the accepted abstracts that fit together around a topic or theme.

Special Sessions

A special session has been proposed and will be facilitated by an institution around a topic of their choice. (To see the open special sessions, please click here)

All abstracts will be reviewed by at least 2 members of the AF18 Review Panel. Those that are accepted will be forwarded to the SteerCom, to be arranged into General Sessions, or to the organiser of a Special Session, to be incorporated into that session.

The procedure for the submission of the abstracts is the same for all contributions – namely, through the online submission process.

If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please click here

Before starting the submission of your abstract please read carefully the criteria, online questions and conditions below.

Reviewers will focus on the following criteria when they evaluate an abstract:

Is the work clearly expressed? Authors should make every effort to craft a well written abstract without grammar or spelling errors. Sentences should be simple. Spell out any abbreviations or acronyms. This will make the abstract easier to read and understand.
Is the work timely and important in terms of current issues in the field of adaptation?

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