Course on sustainable tourism for mountain areas

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Янв 15 2018

On Thursday 11 of January 2018 the admission to the course Sustainable Tourism For Mountain Areas were opened. The course is organized by the Mountain University -the Edolo capus of the University of Milan, the University of Eastern Piedmont and in collaboration with the University of Tuscia, within the project Italian Mountain Lab Research and Innovation for the Mountain Environment - Special Supplementary Fund for Research (FISR 2016).

The course Sustainable Tourism for Mountain Areas will take place from March to June 2018 - 70 hours - and aims to:


  • explore, analyze and describe development trajectories, models, and ​existing ​examples ​from ​the economic, socio-cultural and natural sciences sector​s​ ​in terms of how they relate to tourism. 
  • analyze the potential of new technologies and telematic tools for the organization and promotion of ​tourism activities
  • provide training that will allow for the creation of new jobs in the tourist sector throughout the Alpine Macroregion​.

The course will be in English.

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