ECO-TALK:Business Incubator for Eco Projects

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Май 31 2019

Background information. Rationale: Central Asia faces significant natural resources problems both related to historical legacy and future climate and development outlook.

Given the scale of complexity of the needs to be addressed, (i.e. technical and institutional capacities, fragmented information management, aging infrastructures, etc.) there is an urgent need to assimilate new, practical and adaptive ways of managing natural resources overall.

Excellency at the technical, institutional and economic levels needs to be achieved, allying strong professional/managerial skills with solid technical knowledge. This combination enables institutions to better serve their purpose and businesses to deliver better services. Institutions and businesses need to develop their own models that would fit as best as possible the current context and help sustaining their goals. The first ECO-Talk pilot was conducted in 2018, led by the Kazakh-German University as a pioneer in building youth and knowledge networks on environmental issues in Kazakhstan. This experience demonstrated, among others, the importance of collaborating among different sectors and disciplines including economy, finance, marketing, extended science and communication. The ECO-Talk format was developed following this vision, providing the opportunity to develop eco-innovations into sustainable projects with impactful economic or social purpose. Building on this positive experience in Kazakhstan, the ECO-Talk 2019 edition opens-up to the whole Central Asia and Afghanistan, as well as continues collaboration with the Academia Network in the region. The project is organized by the Kazakh-German University, Almaty in cooperation with International Secretariat for Water, Canada (ISW) and supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) under the initiative of “Central Asia Youth for Water” (CAY4W) network.

Purpose: The ECO-Talk project aims at promoting innovation and business models in the environmental sphere, supporting the development of modern soft and hard skillsets through cutting-age communication and learning practices.