Hand-made Dryers and Water Heaters

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Окт 05 2016

Workshops for women on renewable energy sources use were conducted in highly – mountainous settlements of Bartang Valley in Pamir.

Staff members of the “Little Earth” came back from travel to valley in the Bartang River, where from 17 to 22 August they have held three-day workshops in Roshorv and Savnob villages. Settlements are located in upper part of Bartang river valley at approx. 3000 meters above the sea. Here there is no access to the electricity that forces people to use bushes and dried manure for heating and cooking the meal.

These events have involved groups of local women (10 from each settlement) from the vulnerable families. In first of the above mentioned village the women learnt how to build solar water heaters from materials available in local markets. In second village the workshop was devoted to construction and use of solar dryers for fruits and vegetables. Women managed to construct 5 solar collectors and 3 dryers. Participants of the workshops already started to use their hand-made devices in households.
Objective of the workshops was not just to introduce women with opportunities and benefits of the solar energy use, but also to transfer skills in construction of solar dryers and water heaters. Such devices are simple in use, and meanwhile, they contribute in solving a number of social issues, including food safety and sanitation.

Just to recall that in June there was an exhibition on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in Savnob and later the training, devoted to role of women in solving the energy and ecological issues on community level, was held in Roshorv village. This activity is implemented under the project “Clean Energy and Women on the Roof of the World” with the support of the US Forest Service. NGO “Oyandasoz” (our local partner in Bartang Valley) provides active support in organization of events.

Natalia Idrisova, "Little Earth"