Round Table on Clean Energy and Women on the Roof of the World

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Окт 28 2016

On 13 October 2016 the round table devoted to preliminary outcomes of the project «Clean energy and women on the roof of the world» has been held in mountainous village of Savnob, Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO). The event was organized by the «Little Earth» with assistance of the NGO «Oyandasoz» (local partner in the Bartang River valley) and with support of US Forestry Service.

The round table was attended by women from Savnob and Roshorv villages, who are the target group of the project, as well as local community activists. Land and natural resources expert from Savnob jamoat (local authority), Sulton Sultonmamadov and Mamadshoh Guliev, the deputy headmaster of school №32 and head of local NGO also participated in discussions.

The project results and further joint actions have been discussed within the event. Special attention was paid to the issue of women's role in development of their communities and spread of knowledge and skills on clean energy sources and energy efficiency.

«Access to electricity and fuel shortage are the well-known problems in our areas. «Little Earth» has done a great job in Bartang Valley for past few years. The organization showed us the different options to overcome this situation. For instance, when we have started to use solar cookers we have almost stopped to use the rare wood and shrubbery in sunny days », - said Mr. Sulton Sultonmamadov while addressing round table participants.

At the round table women participating in the project were granted a set of sustainable energy equipment. Each set has consisted of one parabolic solar cooker, one energy-efficient cooking stove and one portable solar lamp with function of charging the mobile gadgets. The coming monitoring will show how effectively the equipment is used, and what the opinion of the new owners on devices.

“For many years we feel the all burden of the energy problems. We spend a lot of time collecting firewood and teresken (local bush), constantly breathing smoke from stoves and live in the darkness. We had no idea how to get out of this situation. After participation in workshops of «Little Earth» we learnt a lot of new and interesting things. And then we got energy efficient devices. So now our life will be much easier,” said Mrs. Oshurbika Malabekova, the project participant from Roshorv village.

Just to recall that the project «Clean energy and women on the roof of the world» was launched in early June this year. 20 women from the most vulnerable families of Savnob and Roshorv villages were selected for participation in the project. The main goal of the project was to increase capacity of local women in energy efficiency and renewable energy through educational and practical workshops, as well as to improve quality of living conditions through introduction of sustainable energy equipment.

Anton Timoshenko, Timur Idrisov, «Little Earth»