Why people in Bartang say «Tusen takk!»

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Июнь 27 2016

Thanks to the funds collected by the Norwegian girl - Helga Lerkelund, nine families affected by the earthquake in Bartang valley received solar cookers.

On June 16, 2016 staff members of "Little Earth" delivered nine solar parabolic cookers to families affected by the strong earthquake occurred in December last year. Villages in the upper part of the Bartang river valley in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region suffered significant damage.

From early morning till late night representatives of "Little Earth" and NGO "Oyandasoz" (our local partner based in the valley) visited villages where selected families reside. Solar cookers were assembled by members of both NGOs together with local residents. The new owners were trained on safe and proper use of the device. Some beneficiaries began testing the parabolic cookers right away. For example, in Kudara village they boiled water in the kettle and had tea ready in 15 minutes. Sunny summer is ahead and residents will be able not only to boil water, but also to cook food using a clean source of energy. In total, nine solar cookers were distributed among selected families in Kudara, Bopasor, Ruhch, Nisur and Pasor villages.

We would like to remind that money for nine solar parabolic cookers were collected by Norwegian girl, environmental activist - Helga Lerkelund. In 2012 Helga worked as an international volunteer in the "Little Earth."

Families that received solar cookers expressed their gratefulness to the people of faraway Norway for their support and solidarity. Even such little assistance will ease the daily life of the most vulnerable families and will help them to cope with the consequences of the
earthquake. In gratitude, the locals presented to Helga pair of traditional socks (jurabs) and learned to speak «Tusen takk» (which means «Thank you very much» in Norwegian).

Natalia Idrisova, "Little Earth"