Clean energy for Pamir’s women

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Июль 04 2016

Last month “Little Earth” started the implementation of a new pilot project that aims to contribute to sustainable use of nature resources and improve quality of life of two local communities (Savnob and Roshorv villages) in Bartnag valley of the Pamir region.

The project "Clean energy and women on the roof of the world" targets women from the most vulnerable families and is supported by the US Forest Service. Main activities include awareness raising, capacity building trainings and distribution of sustainable energy devices.

An open exhibition on energy efficiency and alternative energy sources that took place on June 13, 2016 in Savnob village marked the start of the project. The event was organized in coordination with the local authorities and with technical assistance from NGO "Oyandasoz" - our local partner in the valley. Exhibition welcomed everyone who wanted to learn more about resource-saving technologies, renewable and environmental protection.

Several types of sustainable energy technologies, including solar energy equipment and energy-efficient stoves, were presented at the exhibition. Local residents who already use various solar devices (received within previous “Little Earth” projects) were invited to share their experience with other participants. Mrs. Shahlo Tohirbekova was among them. To demonstrate the benefits of solar cooker she baked “sunny” cake right in front of curios group of people. In addition, set of publications on energy efficiency and "green" technologies were distributed among the visitors. More than 70 residents of Savnob village as well as dozen guests from the neighboring villages came to have a look and participate in the exhibition.

Next two days after the exhibition (14 and 15 of June) were just as busy. “Little Earth” held two-day training in neighbor Roshorv village, which brought together 20 local women (10 from each target village). Training helped to explore the women’s role in finding solutions to address local energy and environmental challenges and in participating in related decision making process.

Rational use of scarce natural resources, relationship between resource-saving technologies and the well-being of local communities, alternative ways for development were among topics discussed by participants during the training. They learnt about benefits of various resource-efficient technologies and devices.

Issue of women's participation in the resources management was particularly in the focus. Training sparked interesting debates among participants on topic of women involvement in local development processes. Participants got a chance to develop and share their own ideas on how to improve the communities’ wealth fare while keep nature around protected from total destruction.

For most of them training became the first experience of such a kind. But soon all these women could continue to build their capacity by participating in coming workshops on renewable energy. Afterwards each of them will receive a set of resource-efficient devices, including solar cooker, energy-efficient stove and solar lantern. Devices will help to save money, reduce CO2 emissions, and ease the daily life of their families.

Timur Idrisov,"Little Earth"