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Another Little Earth employee won the Youth Environmental Award named after D. Tereshkevich.

The sixth Central Asian Youth Award ceremony named after D. Tereshkevich was held on June 8, 2022, in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

The event was organized by the EcoForum of Kazakhstan and the public association "Human Health Institute." This year, the Central Asian eco Oskar "For contribution and achievements in the field of environmental protection and promotion of sustainable lifestyles in Central Asia" won an employee of the Little Earth - Anisa Abibulloeva.

"After a long-heated debate and evaluation process, our esteemed jury came to the following conclusion: the winner of this year is a young, beautiful woman who has been working in the environmental field for many years, despite her young age in sunny Tajikistan ... I announce the name of our winner – Abibulloeva Anisa. I sincerely congratulate her! "said Svetlana Mogilyuk, Chairperson of the EcoForum of Kazakhstan, in her online speech.

Anisa Abibulloeva is an environmental activist, a graduate of the University of Central Asia with a bachelor's degree in environmental economics. In July 2019, she joined the Little Earth and had since become an integral part of our team. Anisa is also the national coordinator of the regional youth water network "Central Asia Youth for Water" and a member of the World Youth Parliament for Water.

"I am very touched by the kind words addressed to me… Unfortunately, I could not attend the event in person, but I am glad that my colleague and mentor, Anton Tymoshenko, is now there to receive my award. I would like to express my gratitude to the organizing committee of the Tereshkevich Award for providing such an amazing opportunity... For me, environmental protection and environmental activism have become the main passion of my life. And this award is an indicator that I am on the right track," Anisa Abibulloeva said in her online speech after the winner was announced.  

Looking back in 2020, the bronze statuette was awarded to Anton Tymoshenko, Executive Director of the organization. Throughout the Award's history, The Little Earth is the only organization that employs two laureates of the award.

The Youth Environmental Award, named after Dmitry Tereshkevich, was established in Kazakhstan in 2017. The Award was created in memory of the well-known environmental activist in Central Asia, Dmitry Tereshkevich. Since 2017, the competition for the Tereshkevich Youth Environmental Award has been held on an annual basis.

Timur Idrissov, The Little Earth
In the photo: Anisa and Anton– winners of the Youth Environmental Award named after Dmitry Tereshkevich.