How Cities are Responding to Climate Change and Why It Matters

SisterCities International is hosting the second part of the City Resiliency program including International Collaboration &Inclusive Engagement.

Date And Time
Wed, Apr 14, 2021, 5:00 PM CEST
Online Event

About this Event

Climate change places cities at risk and poses serious threats on cities’ development and society. All cities are vulnerable to the effect of climate change. From coastal cities to highly urbanized mega-cities, the threat remains to be the same. Adapting to these climate-related risks implies a substantial amount of planning processes and collaborations, not only on the national level but on the international level as well. The sharing of experiences and best practices are crucial in developing local capacities in the local government and for citizens to increase awareness, as well as preparedness, on the following issues:

  • Planning: Science-based and data-driven mechanisms to identify vulnerabilities and potential impacts;
  • Post-Event Responses: Sudden effects of climate related hazard can lead to the displacement of largely populated groups. It further presents the threat to livelihoods and shelters which often require long-term reconstruction efforts.

This Global Conversation focuses on the importance of accelerated climate change action, emphasizing the need for embracing inclusive engagements which will bring all the actors of society together. This includes national governments, the private sectors, academia, civil society, city networks, and local governments. Partnerships must be made to work collaboratively in building resiliency and preparedness.

The goal is for Sister Cities International to take part in a variety of programmes which support its members in promoting citizen diplomacy alongside international exchanges. This event was organized in collaboration with ADEC Innovations and the Global CEO alliance to build capacity on local governments and increase inclusive engagements.

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