Origin, Diversity and Territories Forum 2021

The event will be hybrid, taking place simultaneously physically in Valposchiavo, Switzerland and online with interpretation available in English, French and Spanish.

Place: Val Poschiavo, Grisons, Switzerland
Dates: October 13, 14 and 15, 2021

Rural territories are going through an unprecedented crisis, testing the resilience of their communities and ecosystems. This has repercussions on natural resources and their preservation, as well as on socio-economic networks, which have become increasingly fragile.

In this context of uncertainty, the actors of the territory have the important task of adapting the governance of the territories, to give perspective to the trajectories of sustainable development and to innovate the modes of consumption and production in the territories.

The 2021 edition of the Forum wants to participate in the writing of local solutions and invites participants to draw together the contours of new paradigms for the territories.

This year, the event focuses on “Disruption and rebounds of territorialized food systems”. The Forum is organized in four workshops:

1. Rethink the preservation of natural resources and heritage of food systems – learn from the vulnerabilities revealed by the crisis

2. Alternative and solidarity exchange networks as a response to crises in the transformation of territorialized food systems

3. Identify and support local initiatives to stimulate territorial restructuring: a “weak signals” approach

4. Mountain territories: dynamics & REBONDS. the place of localized food systems and networking

This year, the workshops will be an opportunity for prospective approaches based on contributions that present rebounds after strong past or present ruptures of territorialized food systems. 

The full programme is available here.

Learn more about the registration fees and virtual participation grants (details in the programme). Click here to register. For more information, please see the attached flyer or contact info@origin-for-sustainability.org.

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