CPW Wildlife Forum

The Wildlife Forum will take place from 26-27 September 2021, in the margins of the “One with Nature”: World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition. It is organized by the Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management (CPW), with participation possible both in-person and online. 

Under the central theme of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, the Wildlife Forum will discuss how to move from theory towards further implementation of policies and actions in relation to sustainable wildlife management. The Forum will be structured around the four thematic sessions of CPW: i) contribution of wildlife to food security and livelihoods; ii) management of human-wildlife conflicts; iii) wildlife trade, offtake and hunting; and iv) animal health and One Health approach. 

The Wildlife Forum is open to anyone with an interest in sustainable wildlife management. With the event taking place both in-person and online, we look forward to seeing participation from all segments of society, whether governmental, non-governmental, inter-governmental, indigenous peoples and local communities, businesses, youth, media or other.

Подробнее: https://www.cpwwildlifeforum.com/