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Sharing knowledge about sustainable energy with the youth of Kuhi village

From May 21 to May 22, 2022, the team of the Little Earth delivered training on energy saving for the participants of the "Renewable Energy and Remote Mountain Communities" project in Kuhi village, Panjakent.

During the event, the Little Earth staff members discussed the current energy situation and the most pressing social-ecological issues in the village, shared information and knowledge about the benefits of clean, renewable energy and the application of energy efficient practices and technologies. The Little Earth presented the organization's experience working with mountain communities and and demonstrated sustainable energy solutions and equipment being implemented.

A practical demonstration included sustainable energy devices that are powered by solar energy. Additionally, the audience was introduced to various insulation materials and energy saving llight bulbs available on the market. The participants were also introduced to the solar lanterns, parabolic cookers, and pressure cooker. All of the mentioned devices compile a set of equipment that will be distributed among young local activists next month.

Initially, it was planned to organize the training as an outdoor event, however, due to the heavy snowfalls, the training was conducted indoors. Nonetheless, the weather did not disturb the residents' spirit and eagerness to learn.

The training's participants received a number of outreach materials on energy saving and renewable energy sources. Many of them expressed genuine interest and curiosity about theme of the event and the displayed technologies. Residents are looking forward to receiving sets with mentioned above devices.

"The active use of resource-efficient equipment will allow families to improve their living conditions, save money and at the same time reduce reduce pressure on natural resources," said Anton Timoshenko, Executive Director of the Little Earth.

It should be reminded that the target group of the project, which is supported by the US Forest Service, are 20 young representatives of the village of Kukhi from the most vulnerable families, half of them are girls and women.

The target group of the project are 20 young representatives (half of them are girls and women) from the most vulnerable families in Kuhi village. The project "Renewable Energy and Remote Mountain Communities" is supported by the US Forest Service.

Timur Idrisov, The Little Earth
On the photo: training on sustainable energy in the village of Kuhi