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Resource-saving equipment - a gift for Idi Kurbon

On the eve of the Idi Kurbon holiday, Little Earth provided 20 sets of energy-saving equipment to the most vulnerable families in the villages of the Yagnob Valley.

20 women - participants of the project "Sustainable use of natural resources and women's participation in the mountain communities of Yaghnob" and their families (more than 100 people in total) received long-awaited energy-efficient equipment.
Our trip was postponed several times due to problems with the only road that can get to the valley. There was still a lot of snow in the spring, and the road was closed for a long time. Closer to summer, several large avalanches and rockfalls descended here. We again had to wait until the road was cleared using heavy construction equipment. And only at the end of last week we were able to reach our target communities,” says Anton Tymoshenko, executive director of the Little Earth.
Each of the 20 sets of equipment donated to the women consisted of: a parabolic solar kitchen, a solar lighting system with three tube lamps, and a USB port for charging gadgets and a pressure cooker. As a bonus, all project participants also received thermoses.
Solar kitchens allow you to cook food and boil water using a clean, renewable and free source of energy - the sun. They are easy to use, durable and, which always pleases women, they are smokeless - there is no need to scrape the dishes from soot. New solar lighting systems will allow residents to give up candles and kerosene lamps, make life safer and brighter,” says Timur Idrisov, Senior Advisor at Little Earth.
Villages in the Yaghnob Valley are not connected to the central power grid. In some of them there are small hydroelectric power stations, the power of which is often enough only for lighting. Residents use coal, firewood and dried manure for heating and cooking. Therefore, the donated devices will help to reduce the need for fuel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save the family budget and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The Little Earth's initiatives to introduce energy-efficient equipment and devices that use alternative energy sources are of particular importance, given that the villages in Yagnob are located on the territory of the national natural and ethnographic park created here in 2019.
We have been waiting for this equipment for a long time. In neighboring villages, the Little Earth has already distributed solar kitchens, solar powered lanterns, and pressure cookers. I saw how our friends use these devices and heard from them that they are very efficient and save fuel. Now we have similar devices. I hope they will make our life easier,” says project participant Atoeva Savri from Makhtimain village.
Employees of the Little Earth paid special attention to the demonstration of equipment. They showed and explained in detail how to use the devices correctly and safely. Moreover, all participants received short operating instructions in Tajik and Russian.

Recall that the project "Sustainable management of natural resources and the participation of women in the mountain communities of Yagnob" was supported by the Swedish association Forum-CIV and implemented with the assistance of the Swedish partner Centralasiengrupperna.