IGS International Symposium

The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) and the International Glaciological Society (IGS) are glad to announce the International Symposium on ICE IN A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY (ISS), which will take place in the Basque Country in June 2022.

Its First Circular is available here.

The ISS Symposium will be held at Bizkaia Aretoa, Conference Auditorium, Bilbao (Spain). This venue is located on one of the most emblematic sites of Bilbao, which opens out onto the estuary and the Guggenheim Museum. The main presentation sessions of the Symposium will take place from Monday morning, 6 June, until the afternoon of Friday 10 June (see the timeline). On World Environment Day, Sunday 5 June, there will be several celebration activities and a pre-symposium icebreaker event in the late afternoon at Bizkaia Aretoa. Different Social Events are scheduled throughout the Symposium.

During the ISS Symposium we will celebrate the 85th anniversary of IGS. The first official meeting of the Association for the Study of Snow and Ice was held in April 1937. The Association would go through a few name changes through the years until it acquired its current name in 1962 The International Glaciological Society. We will be celebrating the anniversary throughout the year, and of course during the ISS Symposium in Bilbao.

Come and attend* what will be a stimulating, innovative and productive symposium in a beautiful setting in the north coast of Spain!


The ISS Symposium will focus on “interdisciplinary relations” rather than specific disciplines. Its ultimate objective is to let the participants perceive all the disciplinary overlaps and interactions that naturally arise, enabling them to realize the extraordinary transdisciplinary potential of glaciology. 


  • To assess the relevance of glaciology to a sustainable society, including the scientific, technological, social, economic and cultural dimensions.
  • To serve as a transdiciplinary line of action and instrument to engage citizens, stakeholders and policymakers, promoting critical thinking about the climate crisis and providing them with the necessary tools to make better decisions, both personally and collectively.
  • To encourage transdisciplinary ice research and activate participatory processes to solve complex problems.

More: https://iss.bc3research.org/