Climate Democracy Accelerator

Climate change is a global issue affecting every aspect of our modern society, from declining agricultural productivity, rising sea levels, drought, forest fires and catastrophic flooding. To tackle the climate crisis, governments have a mandate to enable and encourage citizens, civil society, activists and more to participate in shaping and implementing climate policies. By expanding public participation and bringing marginalized voices into decision-making, governments can create climate-focused policies that are equitable and responsive to community needs. People Powered is looking for government and civil society leaders to form a new cohort of innovators interested in launching participatory programs to shape climate policy in the areas of clean transportation, renewables, decarbonization and energy efficiency homes, air pollution, agroecology and more.
The Climate Democracy Accelerator (CDA) is a six-month, practice-oriented training and support program that prepares members to plan and implement an inclusive and participatory process for a just climate transition. Participants will develop a project to implement a climate-focused participatory program that addresses the needs and voices of local communities. Selected applicants will have access to a dedicated mentor to guide the development of their program, along with:

  • Step-by-step resources such as the Participation Playbook, our interactive, online tool for designing participatory programs.
  • Practice-oriented live sessions and online courses.
  • A US$10,000 implementation grant.
  • The opportunity to apply for an additional $20,000 award for the best project developed by program participants.

What is the application process?

  • Read through the program requirements and selection criteria below, and register for the launch webinar.
  • Complete the application form and submit required documents by July 15.
Program timeline:
  1. May-July: Call for applications opens
  2. July-September: Selected participants are notified
  3. September 2023: Program begins
  4. March 2024: Program ends
  5. May-June 2024: Participants share learnings

Eligibility: Who is this program for?

  • Local government officials, staff members and policymakers who want to launch a participatory program for making just climate-related decisions. Please note: If a government organization is the applicant, they must have a partnership with a civil society organization/non-governmental organization, as the grant recipient must be a non-governmental entity.
  • Civil society organization staff members and/or climate advocates who want to implement a participatory program focused on climate in partnership with a government institution. Please note: If a civil society organization is the applicant, they must be in a partnership with a government institution as they must follow up with the implementation of the action plan.
Applications from organizations or governments based in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean are especially encouraged. People Powered or Open Government Partnership members also will be prioritized.

How much time must participants dedicate to the program?

This program consists of four cohorts of 15 government and civil society leaders starting in September 2023 and ending in July 2025. In the first cohort:
  • Participants can expect to spend an average of two hours per week from September to March 2024. If you are not sure about your availability for the program or if you are not selected this time, the CDA program will accept new applications next year
  • Participants also will be asked to set aside a few key dates on their calendars to participate in the program’s live sessions.

What are the other expectations of participants?

  • Develop an action plan (project) to be implemented, with the support of the program resources.
  • Engage internal and external stakeholders to develop an action plan.
  • Attend and participate in dedicated training and mentorship/peer support activities and discussions.
  • Report on project progress and lessons.
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