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The life of people in Yagnob will become brighter

The Little Earth is preparing to distribute new solar lighting systems in the villages of Yaghnob.

Families in the mountain communities of the Yaghnob Valley will soon receive new solar home lighting systems. Each set consists of an 11-watt polycrystalline solar panel and 3 tube lamps with 600 lumens power. This is about 60 times brighter than a traditional kerosene lamp. The system has 3 different light modes - bright, medium and minimum.

There is also a 28 Wh lithium-ion battery and a USB port for recharging mobile phones. Battery management technology auto-switches to low-power mode when battery is running dry, allowing you to use the lighting for several additional hours.
Our target communities in the Yaghnob Valley should have received them at the end of last year, but due to weather conditions and the closure of the only road that connects the valley to the mainland, we had to wait. In total, we plan to distribute 20 such lighting systems along with solar parabolic kitchens and pressure cookers,” says Anton Timoshenko, executive director of the Little Earth.
The distribution of equipment will take place within the project "Sustainable management of natural resources and the participation of women in the mountain communities of Yagnob", which was carried out with the support of the swedish association Forum-CIV and the swedish partner Centralasiengrupperna.
This year we will distribute such solar lighting systems for the first time. Now, at night, the windows in the houses of the Yaghnobis will light much brighter. We hope that this autonomous light source will be a good helper for local residents. Subsequent monitoring will show how much these systems are in demand and effective,” says Timur Idrisov, senior adviser to the Little Earth.
In the photo: testing a new lighting system in the Little Earth office.