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Efficient cooking stoves

Testing an efficient cooking stove. The experiment took place in the high-mountainous village of Roshorv (Rushan district, Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region). Twigs for kindling and boiling water were collected right in the yard. A kettle with three liters of cold water boiled in 11 minutes.

This portable stove weighs just over 4 kg. Its special design provides good performance characteristics - fuel savings (compared to using a “three-stone” fireplace) is over 60%. Cooking time is reduced by up to 50%. Moreover, it is practically smokeless.

Efficient stoves can significantly improve the lives of people in rural areas, especially where people still use wood or dried dung for cooking. Their distribution can help reduce the pressure on forest resources, improve sanitation, ease the labor of collecting firewood and save the family budget. Several dozen such stoves were distributed by The Little Earth in a number of villages in the Bartang Valley in the Pamirs.