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Field trip for journalists to Yagnob

From October 21 to 24, two journalists - Aliya Khamidullina (Asia Plus news agency) and Navruz Karimov (independent journalist) accompanied by the Little Earth employees, made a field trip to the Yagnob Valley (Ayni district, Tajikistan).

During the trip, journalists visited the villages of Makhtimayn, Bidev, Nomitkon, Mushtife, and Vakhinzoy, in which the Little Earth has been carrying out activities aimed at reducing the burden on local ecosystems through the introduction of sustainable energy solutions and involving women in the development of their own communities for the second year. The project “Sustainable use of natural resources and women's participation in Yagnob mountain communities” is being implemented with the support of ForumCIV and Swedish partner Centralasiengrupperna.

The field trip provided journalists with the opportunity to get acquainted with the life of the mountain people in the valley, as well as learn more about how the solutions and technologies introduced by the Little Earth are helping to change the situation for the better.
For both journalists, this was the first visit to the Yagnob Valley. They were amazed by the breathtaking landscapes and hospitality of the Yagnob people, and at the same time surprised by the difficulties that local residents face on a daily basis. While the journalists were in the villages, snow began to fall in the valley and the temperature dropped significantly. The journalists also witnessed how a mini hydroelectric power station failed in the village of Makhtimain, where they were staying. A portable solar charger came to their aid, with which they recharged their gadgets and cameras.

While journalists conducted interviews with local residents, took photos and shot videos, еру Little Earth employees distributed an additional 20 sets of equipment purchased as part of the above-mentioned project. Each set included an efficient cooking stove and a solar shower bag.
Journalists were able to see with their own eyes how the equipment was handed over to families and even take part in testing the stove. In one of the visited villages, with the help of an efficient stove, lunch was prepared for the participants of the trip. This required significantly less wood than usual. According to local residents, the new stoves are much more efficient than the ones they are used to using. Unfortunately, it was not possible to test the solar shower bag - weather conditions did not allow it.

Despite all the challenges and difficult field conditions, the journalists collected enough information to create their materials. Based on the results of the trip, they plan to prepare an article and video report that will be published in the media.

The trip was made possible thanks to the project “Information and technical support for gender-equitable climate solutions”, which is implemented by the Little Earth with the support of WEDO (Women’s Environment and Development Organization).

Timur Idrisov, Anton Timoshenko

The Little Earth.