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School of environmental activism for girls in Dushanbe

The first School of Environmental Activism for girls (School) took place in the capital of Tajikistan from 28th to 30th October 2022.

The School was a 3-day training workshop based on an interactive approach and active involvement of the participants. The School brought together 15 young activists from Dushanbe, Khujand, Khorog and Kulyab. The event was organized by the Little Earth with the support of Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF International).

At the School, I recharged with positive energy and got motivated to do good deeds for the planet and society. This became possible thanks to the friendly atmosphere, talented and motivated people I met. There was a lot of useful information that helps generate new ideas for solving environmental problems”, - said Zebiniso Nazarova, a participant of the School from Dushanbe.

The School provided an opportunity for young female activists to increase awareness and capacity in the field of environmental activism, climate change and gender equality, acquire skills in creating short videos, work with social networks and the media. The girls who took part in the School were able to strengthen personal and professional ties, find friends and like-minded people.

Without the leadership, knowledge and participation of girls and women in responding to climate change and environmental challenges today, it is unlikely that solutions for the sustainable development of our country and the planet will be implemented tomorrow. That is why it is so important to support those activist girls who are interested in the topic of the climate crisis and environmental protection and who are trying to implement local or national initiatives”, - said Timur Idrisov, senior adviser to the Little Earth and the initiator of the School.

The organizers of the School are confident that by providing the girls - participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and the opportunity to express themselves, the Little Earth contributes to the formation of new active and responsible citizens who will play an important role in solving social and environmental problems.

Very interesting speakers! They inspired and motivated us by their own example. Thanks to them, we realized that women are not the weaker gender at all. Many women become brave and courageous activists who stand up for their rights and protect nature. I got a lot of useful links and materials”, - said Aliya Goibnazarova, participant of the School from Dushanbe.

As part of the project, School participants have the opportunity to develop their ideas and receive a little support for the implementation of an environmental local initiative. The Little Earth is waiting for applications from its School’s alumni.