Agrobiodiversity in a mountain environment

Join the Mountain Partnership virtual side event "Agrobiodiversity in a mountain environment", to be held on Wednesday, 17 November 2021 at 18.00-19.00 CET in the margins of the 2nd International Agrobiodiversity Congress.

The food we eat and the way we produce it have an impact on both human and planetary health. Agriculture as we know it contributes to a third of anthropogenic global greenhouse gas emissions.

As of today, 75 percent of agricultural crop varieties have disappeared, and three quarters of the world's food comes from just 12 plant species and 5 animal species. This dependence on a limited number of varieties carries many risks for humankind, particularly in the face of climate change as it limits the adaptation capacity of farmers.

This is even more evident in mountain areas, where smallholder farmers have built their resilience over centuries on a richness of agrobiodiversity. This traditional scheme is quickly disappearing as farmers abandon traditional crops to grow more productive commercial varieties.

Enhancing agrobiodiversity can help improve human nutrition, human health and the health of ecosystems as well as make agriculture more sustainable and resilient to climate change.

This event aims to explore the potential of preserving and increasing agrobiodiversity, as well as creating ecological niches in agricultural production areas to strengthen livelihoods without decreasing productivity. Speakers from Fundación Pasos, IFOAM – Organics International, NaturaSì and Slow Food will share experiences in promoting positive interactions between what is grown for production purposes and the natural life forms present in the agroecosystem, with a particular focus on mountain areas. 

To join: https://fao.zoom.us/j/93016064230
Passcode: Mountains

Source: The Mountain Partnership Secretariat 
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